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Welcome to Air Speaker

This website is designed to provide information on the history of loudspeakers based on air such as plasma tweeters, corona wind and ionic loudspeakers. This information has been gathered by me from many sources whilst I investigated designing my own airspeaker. I have tried to be as accurate as possible when providing detail, please contact me with any corrections (or additional material) and I will do my best to sort them out.

I wanted to do this site to allow others who are researching or investigating their own designs of massless speaker to have a head start and learn from previous attempts. It should also open peoples eyes to the large amount of work that has already been done. Wherever possible I will specify and link to all sources.

You can now search the site (top right) to see if I've missed that bit of essential info you have.

Not sure what I'm on about? Please go to my Introduction page.

General information about air speakers is in the Background Info section

The main research section of the site is the InfoBase, this includes references to all known theoretical, commercial and patented designs of air speaker.

A section has now been added about my own Projects over the years.

I notice that the name Air Speaker has been used by several manufacturers and I can confirm that I have nothing to do with the Logitech UE Air Speaker or Loewe Air Speaker, and that none of those have anything to do with any alternative speaker technology.

Adam Chambers